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Products designed and developed to last in time and always deliver the best results. As reliability is one of the critical points in the medical industry our equipment are designed to ensure continuity of use.


We continually develop new products and upgrade existing ones to ensure the customer is using an equipment that can reflect the world we live in.



Customer Focus

Attention to the customer means anticipating its needs, providing reliable products and providing assistance when needed. This attention can be summarized in knowledge, listening and support.



Human and Veterinary

The design, development and production of products includes both human and veterinary equipment.
The full range of IBIS products is available on the product page.

IBIS designs and manufactures x-ray medical equipment for both the human and veterinary sectors. The human range includes mobile unit, complete rooms and “C” arm for fluoroscopy examinations; For the veterinary sector we produce the table CDR used in both polyfunctional clinics and in outpatient clinics; more and more, veterinary clinics direct their choices on “C” arm for the particularly useful fluoroscopy examinations during surgical procedures on our animal friends.
The product range is complemented, for both sectors, with portable units that are useful for home diagnostic procedures or for radiological examinations on large animals..

Our company operates globally through distributors who provide the final customer with direct technical support; all internal and external technicians are properly trained to solve any hardware and software issues.
IBIS’s strengths are the continuous commitment to develop new products, customer relationship, product reliability and technical support.
Business philosophy is to give added value to a product respecting the people, animals and the environment in which we live.

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