We are guided by honesty, integrity and rightness

honesty, integrity and rightness at the base of our daily commitment

Honesty, integrity and rightness are key factors which have accompanied IBIS since its foundation, helping it to become a solid reality in the world of Radiology.
IBIS keeps all its promises, not only in terms of product performance and reliability and constant technological innovation, but also in terms of service quality.
We realise our corporate intentions and the philosophy that has always guided our brand by providing the best devices in synergy with a constant customer care and technical support, to guarantee to each customer a complete assistance in all circumstances. The care of every aspect of the after-sales relationship – commercial, technical, consultancy – is one of the aspects that characterises us most: our dedicated technical department not only responds promptly to customer needs but can connect remotely to the devices to identify any critical issues and support the customer in all necessary steps.
The main principles to which IBIS has always been inspired for its activities are the constant respect of human values and the achievement of a consistent company reputation, with reference to two main codes of conduct:

  • The Ethics Code, which express the commitments and the moral responsibilities of IBIS as part of both actions carried out towards customers and internal activities with regards to suppliers, employees and collaborators.
  • The Code of Business Conduct, which IBIS commits to abide by and in which minimum, non-negotiable standards of business conduct are set.
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