X-ray units for human sector | IBIS X RAY SYSTEM
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A full range of equipment dedicated to the human.
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Neeo “C” Arm, mobile unit for fluoroscopy and radiography that can be used in the ward or operating theater.


The opportunity is handy thanks to the best quality, convenience and high speed of digital radiology.


The evolution of this mobile unit is the battery pack that frees the user from the power cord up to 100 exposures.

Simply dr

Mobile unit, lightweight, handy and with all the speed and image quality thanks to digital on board post processing.


Mobile unit that allows you to perform radiological exams quickly and easily with a rotatable arm.

CDR buckytable

A series of combinations that allows you to choose the most appropriate radiographic room for any need.

Pannelli Digitali Diretti


A series of flat fixed and portable panel adaptable to any equipment or domiciliar examination.


Simplicity is in the name and this product encloses it totally and in very little space. Excellent for home examinations.

PORTA 100 hf

A portable unit that in just 8.8 kg offers freedom, reliability and practicality for domiciliar exams.


Mobile unit that, thanks to the low weight, allows easy transportation and the ability to place the unit close to the bed.


The evolution of this mobile unit is the battery pack that frees the user from the power cord up to 100 exposures.


The right software can make the difference. Nowadays choosing the correct software is often more important than the hardware.

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IBIS offers an extensive range of human x-ray systems for medical x-ray imaging destined to the human medicine industry.


High-quality human x-ray systems lead to significative improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of medical conditions both in children and adult patients, with the added bonus of a number of exceptional benefits, such as:


  • A noninvasive and painless approach in diagnosis the disease
  • Quick and noninvasive way to monitor the effects of specific therapies
  • Effective support for medical and surgical treatment planning
  • Fundamental support during the insertion of medical devices such as stents, catheters inside the body by medical personnel


IBIS’ range of human x-ray systems is extremely extensive and aims to ensure the highest quality products to medical teams in any condition.


In this dedicated section of our website you can find technical data concerning our human x-ray systems and solutions for several different applications: from Arco “C” mobile applications for fluoroscopy and radiography to be used in the operating theater, to all-in-one systems equipped with high-resolution digital detector, digital flat panel, touchscreen and a computer with post-processing image systems; from new-generation, hybrid mobile units with highly-evolved battery pack, able to function without being plugged, to versatile motorized units, suitable to work on patients who cannot be easily transported. Human x-ray systems by IBIS also include mobile units with rotatable arms for quick and easy radiological exams, complete fixed radiological solutions, different series of flat panel detectors, fixed or portable and adaptable to any equipment or domiciliary examinations and micro-solutions for radiology on the go.


IBIS, a global company operating worldwide through distributors especially trained to provide every customer with direct technical support, also develops specific software platforms that allow the best performance to all its machines and units. Our goal is to provide complete solutions and total customer support throughout all the life stages of our equipment, from preliminary consultancy to installation, from maintenance to assistance – whenever needed.