CDR Buckytable

CDR Buckytable

Complete fixed radiologial solution.

Various generator powers, fixed/elevating table, different column options and the possibility of an easy Digital Upgrade.

Several combinations allow you to choose between different types of columns, tables and bucky stand.

We can also supply ceiling mounted solutions that can be adapted to any x-ray room.

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CDR Buckytable is the answer to the request of hospital and clinics searching for a strong, reliable and yet affordable solution for their Fixed Rad Systems.

Choose the power of the unit (50kW, 65kW or 80kW) and its configuration of Table/Column/Vertical stand, to better fit the hospital needs in space and performance.

The formulation of an estimate occurs after the indication of all the required data such as:

  • Table Type (Elevated / Fixed, Digital / Analog, with Grid / without Grid)
  • Column Type (With / Without Rotation, With / Without Telescopic Output, With / Without Tube / Collimator Group Rotation)
  • Teleradiograph Type (With / Without Self-supporting, With / Without Potter Bucky, With / Without Grid, Digital / Analogue)
  • Power Generator (50, 65, 80 kW)
  • Cable length (6/12 mt)


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