Flat Panel Vivix 1717NW

Flat Panel Vivix 1717NW


The Vivix 1717NW panel provides high quality images. Available with cesium or gadolinium scintillator.

It is a thin and light panel with IP53 protection that combines high image quality with the convenience of wireless connection. It is particularly useful for doctors who have more than one radiological room and want to use only one acquisition panel or for doctors performing domiciliar examinations.

It is combined with the superb VxVue software complete with all Dicom features; the software accompanies the examiner from the patient registration stage to the acquisition up to the specific post-processing of each study.


Supplied with laptop or desktop depending on customer needs.

Pixel pitch:   140µm
Risoluzione:   3,5 lp/mm
Pixels:   3072 x 3072
Image Format: 43,0cm x 43,0cm (17″ x 17″)

Software VxVue – QxLink


A powerful image acquisition and post-processing software.

In less than two seconds it loads the radiographic image and makes it available to the operator for consultation or processing.

The quality of the images is further improved thanks to the Pure Impact system which guarantees a considerable reduction of the noises.

Fully customizable: the user can decide which buttons to activate or leave hidden so that only the essentials are always available

Maximum choice

The Vivix 1417 NW panel can be combined with a desktop or a laptop computer, depending on the need for space and use of the product.

Can also be used with touch screen monitors that can be integrated into the radiological table.

Very high level of build quality and the technology used for these products. The software is able to communicate with the generator making immediate modifications of the radiological data.

Easy of use

Full Dicom Software


Fast (-2sec)


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