Neeo C-Arm


Neeo C-Arm: the solution for clinics and hospitals.

Our Neeo “C” arms are easy to place and use and are specifically designed to be used in orthopedics, traumatology, abdominal surgery, urology, cardiology and operating rooms.

Double monitor for feedback image.

Toshiba or Thales image intensifier.

Available with rotating or fixed anode.

Image intensifiers 9″ and 12″.

Powers of 3.5 kW or 5 kW.

Neeo is used in various interventional and diagnostic procedures in traumatology and orthopedics wards and operating rooms as well.

Thanks to low-dose fluoroscopy, it is possible to use the device for positioning bone or subcutaneous grafts, inserting K-wire (Kirschner wire) for stabilization of bone fragments or for the correct positioning of prostheses.

The low dose emitted ensures safe use for both the patient and the surgeon or doctor on the operating field.

Using Neeo with the RTP (Real Time Processing) option it is possible to perform vascular, urological and cardiological diagnostics.

One of the main functions, digital image subtraction, allows to see, as an example, the passage of contrast liquids in a tissue or in a venous or arterial duct; thanks to the possibility of looping, the acquired video can be reproduced several times to monitor more accurately the passage of the fluid within the area in question.

Angiographic measurement is another useful function in the vascular field (QA Quantitative Angiography) that allows the measurement of stenoses.

Finally, fluoroscopy allows the correct positioning of stents or expanders.

On the control panel there is a large touch screen display that allows to adjust the basic functions of the equipment.

From this display it is possible to select and adjust the fluoroscopic data for the examination, activate or deactivate the laser pointer, select between pulsed, one shot or standard fluoroscopy, rotate the image and perform all operations on collimator. The four side buttons on the display offer the possibility to move the bow vertically thanks to an extremely silent motor.



Neeo has two 19 “medical grade monitors that can be positioned according to the needs of the medical practitioner.

Work monitors and feedback monitors are separated to be managed independently.

The possible movements are: rotation, revolution, tilting and possibility of height adjustment.

The Neeo range is offered in 6 models:


Neeo S9 Fixed anode, 9″ image intensifier and 3.5kW power

Neeo R9 Rotating anode, 9″ image intensifier and 3.5kW power

Neeo R9 plus Rotating anode, 9″ image intensifier and 5kW power

Neeo S12 Fixed anode, 12″ image intensifier and 3.5kW power

Neeo R12 Rotating anode, 12″ image intensifier and 3.5kW power

Neeo R12 plus Rotating Anode, 12″ image intensifier and 5kW power

Possible movements

Orbital movement

90°  +  40°


+12°  /  -12°

Axial Rotation

+ 180°  /  – 180°

Linear movement

210 mm Horizontal – 450 mm Vertical


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