Simply evo

Double power source with less footprint

Simply Evo is a “hybrid” unit, compact and easily manouvrable, able to provide up to 100 exposures without being plugged to the mains.

A compact and lightweight unit, very appreciated for its extreme maneuverability and ease of use. The possibility of taking exposures without mains supply increases its field of uses.

The range includes 1 type of  “SIMPLY EVO”:


Simply evo – Monoblock power 32 kW

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A comfortable handle facilitates the push of the unit and its positioning. The breaking system is a DEAD-MAN type and blocks the unit in any position, just releasing the handle.


Up to 240 examinations can be programmed and recalled. Programming by means of the alphanumerical keypad on the touch screen allows both the name (es. chest-abdomen etc.) and the parameters (kV and mAs) to be entered.

Classification of medical devices of the “SIMPLY EVO” category


  • Medical Device IIB – Class IIb Trade name and model: SIMPLY EVO

Registration ID BD/RDM  371835 Date 1st Publication:        30/12/2010


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