CDR 100 vet

CDR 100 vet, fixed unit with portable generator.

Lightweight, affordable, reliable.

An ideal combination for clinics where a radiological system for small animals is needed.

The portable generator can also be used off-site for field operations.

Developed, designed and manufactured by IBIS and completely customizable.

4-way floating table, with antibacterial panel.

Combined with PORTA 100 hf vet but usable with other portable generators available on the market by replacing just the adapter.




Technical Specs  PORTA 100 hf vet

kV Range 40 – 100 kV (2 kV step)
mAs Range 0,3 – 50 mAs (32 step)
Focal Spot 1,2 x 1,2 mm 16° Target
Total Filtration 2,5 mm Al eq
Power Supply AC 200-240V – 10 A / AC 100-120V – 15 A


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