IBIS s.r.l.


A complete range of X-ray equipment for Human and Veterinary Medicine.

About us

IBIS is specialised in the design and manufacture of medical X-ray equipment dedicated to Human and Veterinary Medicine. We have developed diagnostic lines and X-ray equipment suitable for both on-site installation in medical and veterinary practices and for on-the-go use, to ensure fast, safe and truly helpful actions for experts and patients


Our products

High-performance and highly cost-effective devices for Human and Veterinary Medicine, designed to simplify diagnostic processes and better manage emergency situations.
Human Medicine

A complete range of X-ray equipment dedicated to Human Medicine.

Home Radiology

Advanced solutions and services to meet the needs of Medical X-ray Technicians and Polyspecialist Centres.

Veterinary Medicine

X-ray units specifically designed for the challenges of Vet Medicine.

Hippiatry – Big Animals

Big Products for big patients: our complete solutions for digital imaging.


Technical Service

According to IBIS, providing service means supporting the customer throughout the entire life cycle of the equipment, from initial installation up to the whole managing, including, of course, troubleshooting, both remotely and on site. Our operational protocol always guarantees maximum satisfaction.


Latest news

Do not miss our section dedicated to all last news and updates on Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging in Human and Veterinary Medicine.

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