We all know very well that our environment is suffering from the misuse of available energy resources and doing something to slow down this destructive process is not always easy and cheap.

In IBIS we strongly believe that the reduction of the waste of resources (energy, water, gas) should be reduced to zero both with simple daily choices, that the company expects to be followed also by its employees, and by adopting systems to use the natural resources that we have available.

Our company uses a photovoltaic system, installed on the entire roof of the building, which supplies over 52 kW of electricity using sunlight. The electricity produced is used, albeit to a very limited extent, to power our internal services while the surplus produced is fed back into the grid and made available to other users

To contrast the impact of the sun, especially in the summer months, all our windows have been screened to reduce up to 88% of the UV rays that generate heat through radiation on the surfaces; this allows a considerable reduction in the use of the air conditioning system.

A further important step in reducing energy consumption was the complete replacement of all light sources, fluorescent or incandescent, with LED ceiling lights in the offices and common areas, as well as in the production departments; in addition to the considerable visual improvement, it is estimated that consumption has been reduced by over 45% compared to conventional light sources. An important investment that we believe will pay off soon.

Waste management is carried out scrupulously in accordance with the protocols laid down by municipal regulations, and therefore production waste is divided up according to the criteria laid down; all materials not collected by the municipal service are duly stored in a dedicated area in the company and delivered, at four-monthly or six-monthly intervals, to specialised waste disposal companies.

Small gestures, perhaps, but which pursue our company policy and our way of treating the environment in which we live.

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