X-ray medical Equipment associated with an excellent service

IBIS is specialised in the design and manufacture of medical X-ray equipment dedicated to Human and Veterinary Medicine. We have developed diagnostic lines and X-ray equipment suitable for both on-site installation in medical and veterinary practices and for on-the-go use, to ensure fast, safe and truly helpful actions for experts and patients.


Our well-established design and development skills make us one of the main reference brands for healthcare and veterinary facilities looking for innovative diagnostic devices: clinics, medical and veterinary practices as well as Italian and international dealers specialising in medical equipment come to us, with the certainty of dealing with a technologically advanced and highly competent company.


We promote innovation making specialist’s job easy

IBIS goal is to offer high-performance, highly cost-effective devices designed to simplify diagnostic processes and make emergency situations more manageable, thus promoting the professional success of those who choose us. Thanks to an accurate range of products designed to meet the most disparate needs, we offer medical and veterinary professionals the tools they need to perform their work to the best of their ability, in any location and in the most different conditions.

We support the innovation in medical and veterinary sector through a synergistic approach that combines the best technology with real care for our customers, so that specialists can, in turn, take care of their patients.

We achieve this goal by offering versatile and constantly evolving tools and devices, listening and supporting each customer to understand their real needs: one example is the free remote assistance service we provide to those who have our machines.

The relation between us and our customers is a partnership based on the presence and trust: Those who choose IBIS do so not only because of the quality of its solutions, but also because they know that they can always interface with a well-prepared team ready to offer the highest level of assistance.


Our values

Focus on customer

The customer is always in the heart of every IBIS product and service. This great attention allows us to design and manufacture tools, devices and services in line with the user's needs, differentiating our offer on two different categories of professionals: human health and animal health.


Integrity and fairness are the basis of our commitment. We are a transparent and accurate interlocutor for every type of activity: from emergency operations to diagnoses in places other than the surgery, from the care of elderly or paediatric patients - in the case of Human Medicine - to the care of large animals - in the case of Veterinary Medicine.


Our constant research and development work is combined with a continuous focus on achievements, resulting in effective solutions for medical and veterinary professionals: portable, reliable, versatile, durable, ergonomic, safe and minimally invasive. Our expertise is at the service of the customer, with the development of ever more powerful and performing equipment.

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