IBIS is internationally renowned as the most important and performing X-ray machine manufacturer. The Italian brand, specialized in the design and manufacture of x-ray medical equipment destined both to human medicine and the veterinary industry, offers a wide range of solutions that also includes mobile unit, motorized unit and “C” arm.

The global approach that characterizes IBIS allows the company to offer a top-notch service not only when it comes to its quality as a leading X-ray machine manufacturer, but also in terms of:

  • Product development
  • Product design
  • Research and Development
  • Customer relationship
  • Technical support
  • Consulting

As the best X-ray machine manufacturer on the market, IBIS is proud to offer a complete support to its clients all over the world thanks to its extremely skilled staff, able to face and fix all issues, both in terms of software and hardware.

X-ray machine manufacturer: human and veterinary solutions

IBIS offers a wide range of medical solutions destined both to human medicine and the veterinary industry. Both its human x-ray systems and veterinary x-ray systems are the result of a technologically advanced approach and a constant commitment in terms of Research and Development.

The company’s goal is always to assure the best solutions and support as X-ray machine manufacturer.

IBIS offers a full range of equipment dedicated to human medicine in terms of x-ray machines and systems. Among those, it is worth mentioning:

  • C – ARM applications for fluoroscopy and radiography
  • Mobile units for digital radiology
  • Motorized units for digital radiology for an easy transportation to the x-ray room
  • Flat panel detectors for professional or domiciliary examination
  • Portable x-ray units for domiciliary exams
  • Dedicated software

IBIS is also considered the leading X-ray machine manufacturer on a global scale for the quality of its veterinary solutions in terms of x-ray systems, which include:

  • Digital fixed units for clinics and veterinary surgery
  • Flat panel detectors for professional or domiciliary examination
  • Complete systems for veterinary radiology or indirect exams
  • C – ARM applications for fluoroscopy or radiography
  • Portable units for examinations on site
  • Dedicated software

Get in touch with IBIS and discover now the best solutions in terms of X-ray systems from the leading X-ray machine manufacturer.

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