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In the field of hippiatry and large animal imaging, great strides have been made over the last few years.

Traditional liquid X-ray systems have been superseded by CR (indirect) systems and shortly afterwards by direct digital panels.
Today, many hippiatric doctors are moving towards direct solutions for several reasons: speed of examination, quality, lower dose requirements, convenience and more accurate image analysis.
During a pre-purchase examination of a horse, there are usually 22 exposures, which means that the time required, using a direct system, is reduced to just the act of positioning the detector and generator; after shooting, the image is displayed after about 1.5 seconds. This particularly helps the veterinarian in the immediate assessment of the acquired exposure. In the case of an indirect system, this procedure therefore avoids having to take the cassette to the developer (usually installed in a vehicle) and wait for it to be developed and transferred to the post-processing software. Image analysis also usually takes place in the same place as the developer, which often means having to analyse an examination in an uncomfortable area and away from the patient. If the image is not correct, the whole procedure must be repeated, which is time-consuming.
Another benefit of direct systems is certainly the quality of the images acquired; modern software can recover images acquired with doses that are not quite correct. In addition to these algorithms that automatically adjust the image quality, the doctor’s intervention can further improve it thanks to various post-processing functions.
The dose required to obtain X-ray images using direct digital panels is lower than that required to impress an indirect system. The gain of modern scintillators is high, making it possible to use portable generators with low ray exposure powers.
The software IBIS offers includes, in addition to hippiatric and pre-purchase examinations, three sections dedicated to pet veterinary imaging, making the digital system multi-purpose.
The complete digital imaging solution offered by IBIS consists of an X-ray generator, a wireless detector with Cesium scintillator, a high-quality laptop with up to 500 nits bright display and a full-featured acquisition and post processing software. On request we can supply various optional extras to accompany the digital system, such as a backpack to hold the laptop, panel, cables and batteries; another popular optional is the panel protector, which prevents scratches and keeps the panel in perfect condition. The skyline for horse analysis is another optional extra we offer. Finally, we can supply stands to support the X-Ray generator and the digital panel.

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