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“Home radiology” is a service through which imaging examinations are carried out at the patient’s home.
This type of service, which is constantly growing, is aimed at all people but with particular attention and consideration for patients with conditions where it is preferable to avoid a transfer to a specialised diagnostic centre or hospital; this activity guarantees several benefits to the patient including, first of all, avoiding both physical and psychological trauma and ensuring that a diagnostic investigation, which is already unpleasant in itself, can be performed in a private setting with the presence, if necessary, of family members to support them. Another benefit of the home radiology service is that it avoids the need for patients to be hospitalised, even if only for a short time, as this can be a means of contagion or a simple change in temperature, and in the case of an already precarious clinical condition, could get worse or even add to a health problem.

Home radiology has always been a growing sector. Today, it has become an imperative for many hospitals, which outsource certain services to guarantee: a lower influx of patients within hospital areas, a closer doctor/patient relationship and a service for the weak (elderly, disabled or those who simply do not feel like going to hospital).

In Italy, the presence of these home radiology centres covers part of the territory; actually, there is no global coverage. The network will soon be enlarged thanks to the many companies that have opened or are about to open because of this strong demand, thus making the presence in the territory even more widespread. The decentralisation of radiology services will be a strong ally in the war against the spread of viruses.
The result achieved from a home examination compared to a hospital examination is identical; there are no differences in terms of X-ray image quality.
Our company has followed many of these realities, new or historical, providing them with diagnostic equipment of excellence to deal with the work safely and with high image quality; with the supply of light and easily portable generators coupled with direct digital panels, home radiology companies can be equipped to provide a highly professional service.
The software we offer contains every possible feature necessary for the work of the X-Ray technician. Acquired images can be sent to the reporting centre via the internet at the end of the examination, which means that before the radiology technician returns to the office, the patient may potentially already have received the radiology report via mail or dedicated portals.The use of cloud and web provides a real acceleration of the service, aiming at speed combined with absolute peace of mind for the patient who, in the comfort of his own home, can get services that were once only available at hospital facilities, forcing him to travel, sometimes painfully.
Home radiology is finally a service that we can all enjoy.
Our company has developed several solutions that can meet the needs of X-Ray technicians or Polyspecialist Centres that provide this service. In addition to the devices, we offer an always-on remote support that can also support the operators during the execution of the examinations.

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