Flat Panel Vivix 2532T

Flat Panel Vivix 2532T

The Vivix 2532T is a large sized panel especially suited for hippiatry and big animals but can also be used in outpatient settings for small animals.

Thanks to the ultra-fast wireless connection, the preview is available on the computer in less than 1 second while the full image is available in about 2.5 seconds.

It is coupled with the excellent VxVue software complete with all Dicom functionalities; the software accompanies the examiner from the patient registration step, through acquisition to exam-specific post-processing.

A section of the software is dedicated to examinations on equines and includes all the anatomical features and relative projections with pre-set data (editable by the user); a very useful section is also provided for pre-purchase examinations of the horse that includes all the projections to be performed, proposed in sequence for rapid execution of the examination.

Flat Panel Vivix 2532T

Software VXVUE

Powerful image capture and post-processing software.

Image quality is further enhanced by the Pure Impact system, which provides significant noise reduction.

Fully customisable: the user can decide which buttons to activate or leave hidden so that only the essential is always available.

Captured images are temporarily stored on the panel, which has a memory of approximately 100 exposures; this ensures that no exam is lost in the event of a computer connection failure or network loss.

Flat Panel Vivix 2532T

Top Choice

The Vivix 2532T panel is usually supplied with a laptop for use in a home environment.

All examinations can then be sent to a server for further examination on a medical grade monitor.

The panel is powered by two lithium batteries that provide an acquisition time of 8 hours (9 in stand-by); the product is supplied with 4 batteries that, therefore, offer an autonomy of 18 hours.

The handle can be repositioned on two sides for easy examination. The low profile of the acquisition table allows examinations to be carried out even on loaded hoofs.

The quality of manufacturing and technology used for these products is of the highest level.

Flat Panel Vivix 2532T


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